National Policy

A Cleaner Future through Green Energy

The Vast renewable energy resource base of Sri Lanka will be developed to increase the dominance of indigenous energy in both electricity and thermal energy supplies. This initiative will cover the whole value chain of the electricity sector from electrification of remote locations through off-grid solutions to large scale infrastructure development to absorb win, solar, remaining hydro and other renewable energy resources based power generation to the national grid. Investment climate will be improved to encourage and develop the markets for small scale green energy systems for SMEs and state sector and also to ensure a stable market for fuel wood through a guaranteed price.


  • Develop the renewable energy portfolio in the generation mix to an optimum level.
  • Establish a competitive bidding for large scale wind and solar power generation projects
  • Promote grid connected small renewable based power generation through net-metering
  • Promote use of biomass by elevating its use as a modern convenient energy source
  • Promote off-grid renewable energy applications for small/medium scale applications
  • Integrate the environmental protection and climate change issues with the energy sector development plans
  • Reduce the carbon foot print of energy sector to address global warming and climate change impacts.

Renewable Energy Resources

Cumulative Capacity in 2020 (MW)

Small Hydro










Key Programs
  • Rehabilitation/ Refurbishment of old hydro power plants.
  • Establishment of Fuel wood Programs.
  • Development of grid connected large scale wind and solar power.
  • Establishment of a natural gas processing facility in Norochcholai.

Source: Sri Lanka Energy Sector Development Plan for a knowledge-based Economy. 2015-2025.

Sri Lanka Achieved its Non - Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) target of meeting at least 15% of the total electricity demand by NCRE sources in 2015. Now the country is poised to meet its new NCRE target of meeting 20% of the total electricity demand by NCRE sources in 2020.

See website of Ministry of Power and Energy for further details on national policy.